Dream Realty USA is proudly known for being a part in the ONLY auction website offering both cash bids and financing within the Detroit area. Flip Detroit Auction is a local company in Detroit, serving the wants and needs of first time homeowners and/or investors. Helping people onto the right path to home ownership with easier eligibility and financing is something we are deeply passionate about. We strive to provide quality service, affordable housing and flexible financing with little money down and a fixed monthly payment.

Flip Detroit Auction provides one property a day to be auctioned off in which the winning bid can be financed! Open houses are also available weekly. A local company lending a hand for its local people/neighboring communities is our footprint, and it is as easy as one phone call away to take part in it. To get started, you can contact Flip Detroit Auction at any of the options listed below. You can also visit www.FlipDetroitAuction.com for more information. Happy Bidding!



51 West Hancock
Detroit, MI 48201