Lease With Option to Purchase

Program Summary

Dream Realty USA provides an opportunity for an individuals to become a homeowner with our Lease with Option program. Our personalized Lease with Option program allows individuals who aren’t credit worthy a direct path of becoming a homeowner.

How it Works 

 Dream Realty is committed to making homeownership a reality.

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Comparison of Standard Lease vs. Lease with Option

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Lease With Option Agreement

The resident's Lease With Option Agreement is in effect as long as the Lease is in effect, and the resident is in compliance with these two agreements.

The Lease With Option Agreement gives the resident the right to purchase the home from Dream Realty USA at a predefined price.  This price is fixed and is guaranteed to the purchaser regardless of the market.  The maximum number of years a resident can rent the home and have the Lease With Option is five years. The Lease with Option does not obligate the resident to buy the home.


Mortgage Considerations

A resident will need funds to pay the Lease With Option amount if they exercise the option.  Typically the resident will need the amount of the down payment and will need to obtain a mortgage loan from a third party.  Among the key considerations that a resident should include is the ability to obtain funds.

Dream Realty USA  is not a mortgage company and does not have any obligation to provide or arrange a mortgage loan.   We cannot guarantee that a resident will be able to obtain a mortgage.